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Alpenrose’s Men's Worlds – for Harley Davidson fans, Jack Daniels collectors and marathon runners

Why riding a motorbike, a love for Jack Daniels whiskey and marathon running are not mutually exclusive is best explained by our boss’s son, Jürgen. The head chef and boss’s son is an enthusiastic Harley Davidson rider and knows the best routes over the South Tyrolean passes and the neighbouring areas in both Italy and surrounding countries.


The love and passion for collecting Jack Daniels whiskeys from all over the world - including some of the coveted collector’s editions, make the Dining & Living Alpenrose a sought-after meeting place for lovers and connoisseurs of “distillery products from Tennessee”.

On request he will be pleased to explain the differences between the individual whiskey types and what, in particular, should be noted when tasting them.
If, for one or two guests, a glass should go to the head during an expert discussion amongst the men, then the following morning Jürgen will give them tips during a half or quarter marathon about the best way to run off or hide a hangover.

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